[SBS Star] Fans Laugh at TWICE MOMO & MINA's Different Reactions in Exactly the Same Situation

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Fans Laugh at TWICE MOMO & MINAs Different Reactions in Exactly the Same Situation
Fans are finding different reactions by K-pop girl group TWICE's members MOMO and MINA in the same situation funny and intriguing at the same time.

Recently, a fan dug up one of old videos of TWICE where they were getting ready for a live radio show.

The video shows DAHYUN sitting in front of MOMO and MINA at a radio broadcasting station.MOMO, DAHYUN, MINADAHYUN hears something from behind, and turns around to look at MOMO.

As soon as MOMO has an eye contact with DAHYUN, she pulls a silly face and starts to shake her head about.

Then, DAHYUN looks at MINA and she gracefully smiles at her in a calm manner.MOMO, DAHYUN, MINAMOMO, DAHYUN, MINAMOMO almost makes herself look like a playful sister in a good mood, and MINA presents an image of a loving mother who is used to seeing her daughter making silly faces.

MOMO has a cheerful personality whereas MINA is quiet, and this video seems to show their personality well.

Currently, a lot of fans are having a good laugh after watching this cute video. MOMO, DAHYUN, MINA(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS POWER FM)

(SBS Star)