[SBS Star] VIDEO: VERIVERY Knocks on Your Heart Like 'Ring Ring Ring'!

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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: VERIVERY Knocks on Your Heart Like Ring Ring Ring!
It seems like K-pop boy group VERIVERY is on the right track to become the next up-and-coming icon of K-pop.

On February 12 episode of SBS MTV 'The Show', VERIVERY demonstrated the cutest way of expressing one's love.
VERIVERYEvery now and then, there is a song that makes the listeners feel like they are traveling in time.
VERIVERYVERIVERY's title track 'Ring Ring Ring' of its debut album 'VERI-US' could be a great example of that since the song reminds the audience of one particular genre from the mid '80s and the early '90s―new jack swing.
VERIVERYIn this day and age where people believe that they must play hard to get in order to win the heart of their crush, 'Ring Ring Ring' might come across bit strange at first since the members seem to have no intention of following such rule.
VERIVERYBut the audience will have no choice but to change their point of views after seeing VERIVERY's stage since at the end of the day, everyone has a soft spot for people who love them unconditionally and passionately just like its members.

Click the video below and find out what VERIVERY has to say!

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SBS MTV The Show)

(SBS Star)