[SBS Star] KyuHyun & His Family Experience a Serious Level of Stalking for the Past 3 Years


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] KyuHyun & His Family Experience a Serious Level of Stalking for the Past 3 Years
It has just been revealed that K-pop boy group Super Junior's member KyuHyun and his family members have been mentally disturbed by a stalker for the last three years.

Recently, KyuHyun's older sister shared a horrifying story on her social media account.KyuHyunKyuHyun's sister wrote, "I've been trying to understand him/her many times, but it's been three years since he/she has started doing this to me, KyuHyun, and my parents."

She said, "He/she has threatened to kill me and messaging/calling me every single day. This person also hacked my phone and account."

She added, "I've reported to the police and blocked him, but this person finds other ways to continue harassing me."

The pictures were of screenshots showing her and her family being threatened and harassed by a stalker.

The stalker would plead KyuHyun's sister to go on a date with him/her and even had taken a picture of KyuHyun's father in a restaurant to get what he/she wanted.KyuHyunNot long after KyuHyun's sister shared the story, the stalker uploaded a screenshot of the post and wrote on his/her social media account, "Yes, I did. And you know I have pictures that could destroy your brother's career in a minute. So why don't we act nice now?"KyuHyunOn January 8, KyuHyun's management agency Label SJ responded, "KyuHyun's sister is in the hospital getting ready to give birth to her child at the moment. So, it is hard to move forward with this case quickly. However, we will do everything we can to solve this issue with the family."

The agency also explained why they were not aware of this issue until now, "KyuHyun had never asked us for help. KyuHyun told us that the stalker had never directly threatened him. But we'll give an update on this as soon as we can."

Currently, both KyuHyun's sister's post and the stalker's account have been deleted, and the stalker still remains unidentified.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, Label SJ)

(SBS Star)