[SBS Star] BAEKHYUN Responds to the Person Who Sells EXO's Personal Information


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BAEKHYUN Responds to the Person Who Sells EXOs Personal Information
K-pop boy group EXO's member BAEKHYUN called out a person who attempts to sell EXO members' personal information online.

Recently, one social media account attempted to sell personal information of EXO members such as their address, car plate number, ID photo, favorite bar, and more.
EXO BAEKHYUNThen on January 5, BAEKHYUN used his personal account to directly reply to the account.

He wrote, "Is it okay to sell other people's information like this?"
EXO BAEKHYUNSoon after BAEKHYUN's reply gained attention, the original account was being deleted.
EXO BAEKHYUNK-pop fans applauded BAEKHYUN's bold response, "Good job, BAEKHYUN. Agencies need to take strong actions.", "Please don't buy such information from them. That's so illegal.", "Thank you BAEKHYUN! Sasaengs (obsessive fans) are pathetic.", and so on.

(Credit= SM Entertainment, 'B_hundred_Hyun' Twitter)

(SBS Star)