[SBS Star] Kim Jae Hwan Surprised His Fans by Showing up at the Subway Station!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Kim Jae Hwan Surprised His Fans by Showing up at the Subway Station!
Kim Jae Hwan, a member of K-pop boy group Wanna One was spotted at a subway station after wrapping up the promotional activities as a group.

On January 2, the pictures of Kim Jae Hwan taken at a subway station went viral online.

In the pictures, Kim Jae Hwan was walking around Seoul National University of Education Station (line 2) wearing a long puffer jacket and a black mask.
Wanna One Kim Jae HwanJudging by the pictures, it seems like Kim Jae Hwan had no intention of hiding himself since he wasn't wearing any other stuff to hide his face and looked pretty comfortable in most of the pictures.

After seeing these pictures, his fans commented, "Wish I was there.", "Even his mask couldn't hide how handsome he is.", "OMG. I'm only going to take subway from now on.", and many more.
Wanna One Kim Jae HwanSuch passionate reaction was only natural since a renowned K-pop artist like himself usually uses their own car; not a public transportation when going somewhere and hide themselves with multiple items such as sunglasses, mask, and a baseball cap.
Wanna One Kim Jae HwanOn the same day, Kim Jae Hwan wrote on the group's official fan club page, "I took the subway in a long time, but I was embarrassed when the eyewitness account popped up online."
Kim Jae HwanMeanwhile, Kim Jae Hwan is reportedly planning on making his debut as a solo artist after Wanna One's last concert 'Therefore' on January 24 to 27.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Online Community, SBS funE, Wanna One's Official Fan Club Page)

(SBS Star)