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[SBS Star] Experts Conclude That Tremors at SM Ent. Building Are From "Repetitive Group Movement"

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After two months of investigation, experts concluded that tremors at SM Entertainment building were caused by repetitive group movement.

Earlier in January, severe and continuous tremors at Acro Seoul Forest were reported at the fire department.

Acro Seoul Forest is a building in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, where companies including SM Entertainment, Hyundai Glovis, and SoCar are located.

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At the time, multiple employees of the companies witnessed tremors, water leaks in the ceiling, loud wind sounds, window cracks, and more.

In order to determine the cause of such safety concerns, the buildings owner, LB Asset Management, requested a formal analysis to the Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK).

AIK's investigation team, led by professor Lee Sang-hyun of Dankook University, concluded that the major cause of the tremors to be "increased amplitude caused by repetitive group movement."

The two-month investigation showed that the tremors were not caused by external forces such as strong wind, earthquakes, or nearby construction.

The strongest vibration activity occurred on 9th and 10th floor of the building; where SM Entertainment artists' practice rooms are located.

오프라인 - SBS 뉴스
오프라인 - SBS 뉴스

AIK stated through a report, "The tremors are caused by SM Entertainment artists or trainees performing synchronized choreography, causing an unintended resonance effect throughout the building."

Although the building is stable with no major safety concerns, the investigation team advised the owner to install devices which can control large vibrations in the building.

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