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[SBS Star] OH MY GIRL HYOJUNG Receives a Cute Handmade Bracelet from ITZY LIA

HYOJUNG of K-pop girl group OH MY GIRL received the cutest handmade bracelet from LIA of another girl group ITZY.

On May 23, HYOJUNG updated her Instagram with some new photos.

In the photos, HYOJUNG was posing with a cute outfit and bracelets on the stairs.

There were also close-up shots of HYOJUNG's wrist where she wore colorful bracelets which one of them was written, "HYO".

Under this post, HYOJUNG wrote with a purple heart, "I'm wearing a bracelet made by LIA."

She continued, "It's so cute when I imagine that LIA made this with her little hands."

HYOJUNG is born in 1994, and made debut years ahead of LIA in 2015.

LIA is born in 2000, and only entered the K-pop industry last year.

Despite the age difference and debut year gap, they somehow seemed to have gotten very close to each other.

Their adorable relationship is making OH MY GIRL as well as ITZY's fans smile ear to ear.

(Credit= 'candyz_hyojung' '' Instagram)

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