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[SBS Star] "She's Always in Pain" ITZY YUNA Cries While Worrying About LIA's Feet When Wearing Heels

K-pop girl group ITZY's member YUNA shed tears while talking about how much pain her fellow member LIA goes through when wearing heels.

Recently, a video of YUNA and LIA having a conversation together was uploaded online.

In this video, they shared what they wished for each other.

One of the things that YUNA wished for was, "I wish to put some fat on LIA's feet."

LIA laughed out loud as she heard this, and said, "That is really random. Why is that, and what does it mean?"

YUNA explained, "You don't have much fat on your feet. We wear heels often, and when I see your feet back at our dorm..."

Then, YUNA suddenly burst into tears, and LIA also teared up seeing YUNA crying.

LIA commented, "Gosh, your words are making me feel genuinely sad."

YUNA continued with a shaky voice, "I always see you suffer from a lot of pain when wearing heels, you know."

She added, "So, that's why I wish to put some fat on feet. I wish wearing heels doesn't hurt you that much."

Upon seeing this part of the video, fans left comments such as, "Awww! This melts my heart.", "I can see how much they love each other.", "How sweet!" and so on.

(Credit= 'ITZY' YouTube)

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