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[SBS Star] Jung il Woo Tells Whether Him or Lee Minho Was More Popular Back in School

Actor Jung il Woo shared whether him or his high school friend actor Lee Minho was more popular back when they were still in school.

On January 17 episode of KBS' television show 'Fun Restaurant', Jung il Woo talked about his time in high school.

Jung il Woo shyly said, "When I was in high school, there were two famous people in the area where I was living. Those two people were me and Minho."

The actor continued, "I first met Minho at a school festival. He was so good-looking that it almost felt like he was glowing or something. There were a lot of other students around, but he was the only person who came into my sight."

He added, "As we were both dreaming of making debut as an actor, we hit it off very well from the beginning. We became very close and are best friends until this day."

Then, Jung il Woo was asked who was more popular in the past.

Jung il Woo laughed and answered, "I think I was a bit more popular at that time."

(Credit= KBS Fun Restaurant, Online Community)

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