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[SBS Star] Kim Soo Hyun to Be Discharged From the Military in Just One Month

Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun who broke many of his fans' heart by enlisting in the military two years ago will be returning to their loving arms in just one month.

Kim Soo Hyun first received a level four in the physical examination which was conducted back in 2006 but was classified as eligible for active-duty after getting a re-examination in 2015.

Following the results, Kim Soo Hyun enlisted in the military in October 2017, and is about to be return to the civilian life on July 1.

The news that Kim Soo Hyun will be discharged from the military in just few weeks is garnering a tremendous attention since he always has been one of the few actors who are in incredibly high demand especially in advertising industry.

According to industry insiders, some brands already have him sign a contract even before he completes his national mandatory duty.

The source also added that his endorsement fee has not gone down at all, and still receiving a similar level of payment despite his long hiatus.

The public is dying to know his future plans regarding his small/big screen comeback since he gained a phenomenal popularity with SBS' drama 'My Love from the Star', and the renowned film 'The Thieves'.

The fans who are exhilarated by this news commented, "Two years felt like two decades. FINALLY!", "We would love to have him back. Welcome, our rom-com king!", "He hasn't changed a bit. Got to respect that."

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