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[SBS Star] Block B P.O Reveals How Caring Park Bo Gum Was When They Filmed Drama Together

K-pop boy group Block B's member P.O brought up his ongoing friendship with actor Park Bo Gum.

On February 22 episode of KBS' television show 'Entertainment Weekly', P.O was invited for an interview.

During the interview, the reporter mentioned how great the chemistry was between him and Park Bo Gum in the recently-ended drama 'Encounter'.

As soon as he heard Park Bo Gum's name, P.O smiled and commented, "Bo Gum and I are the same age, but he has been acting for much longer than I have."

P.O added, "Bo Gum tried to make me feel comfortable throughout shooting. He was always so nice to me."

P.O said he still keeps in touch with Park Bo Gum even though the drama has come to an end, and the two stars are currently planning on going on a trip together.

Then, the reporter asked, "Where would you like to go with him?", and P.O answered, "I like traveling around Korea. Gyeongju might be nice. I want to just look around museums, go to a spa, and ride a scooter with him."

P.O excitedly continued, "Oh, Bo Gum said he would come to see my play 'Boy Goes to Heaven' soon as well!"

In 'Encounter', P.O and Park Bo Gum acted as brothers, and successfully depicted a relatable relationship of real-life brothers.

(Lee Narin, Credit= KBS Entertainment Weekly, tvN Encounter, 'pyojihoon_official' Instagram)

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