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[SBS Star] Wanna One Kang Daniel Encourages His Fans to Join a Meaningful Campaign

K-pop boy group Wanna One's Kang Daniel set a great example of social contribution.

On November 9, photographer Cho Seihon posted a picture of Kang Daniel on his social media account and announced that he will be joining his project 'The Letter from Angels', a campaign that aims to support unmarried mothers and raise awareness for adoption.

Kang Daniel's participation in Cho Seihon's campaign caught the eyes of many, and his fan club 'Kang Daniel Gallery' decided to support his decision and donated 23.9 million won (approximately 21,113 dollars) to Social Welfare Society.

'Kang Daniel Gallery' organized the voluntary fundraiser from November 12 to 15 to support unmarried mothers and raise awareness for adoption.

The entire amount of money they raised was donated to Social Welfare Society on November 20 under Kang Daniel's name, and will be spent to raise awareness of domestic adoption.

'Kang Daniel Gallery' stated, "We organized this fundraising to share the positive energy we got from Kang Daniel and to support him who has been constantly paying attention to the less fortunate and encouraging a donation culture."

'Kang Daniel Gallery' continued, "We hope that our donation could contribute in raising awareness for domestic adoption and unmarried mothers even just a little."

Meanwhile, Cho Seihon's photo exhibition 'The Last Letter from Angels - Goodbye' (literal translation) will be held on November 21 to 26 at Insa Art Center, Seoul, while the pictures from the exhibition will also be available on Social Welfare Society's website.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Social Welfare Society, 'cho.seihon' Instagram)

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