[SBS Star] Jeon So Min Claims She Was a "Loser" in High School


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Jeon So Min Claims She Was a "Loser" in High School
Actress Jeon So Min looked back on her high school days and claimed that she was not popular in her school.

On Febraury 13, Jeon So Min joined SBS POWER FM's 'Cultwo Show' as a special DJ alongside comedian Kim Tae Kyun.
Cultwo ShowOne of the show's listeners sent in a message, "I went to high school together with Jeon So Min, and she was so pretty that I watched her from afar."
Cultwo ShowTo this, Jeon So Min said, "But I wasn't popular in school," and jokingly added, "If you had worked up the courage to confess your feelings, my life would've changed."

The listener responded by insisting that Jeon So Min had been extremely popular.

He commented, "Even the soccer team captain had a crush on her back then."
Cultwo ShowCultwo ShowHowever, Jeon So Min strongly denied his comment, saying, "It's not true! I was just a shabby loser. I wasn't popular at all."

(Credit= SBS POWER FM Cultwo Show, Online Community)

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