[SBS Star] BTS V Spotted at a Friend's Wedding Despite Busy Schedule


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BTS V Spotted at a Friends Wedding Despite Busy Schedule
K-pop boy group BTS member V was spotted at his friend's wedding ceremony despite his hectic schedule in between BTS' world tour concerts.

On November 5, pictures of V spotted at a wedding venue went viral online.
BTS VIn the pictures, V is wearing a formal attire with his hair down, congratulating the bride and the groom's new chapter.

Attended guests said that V was so easy to be spotted from a mile away thanks to his breathtaking appearance.
BTS VAs he is a member of BTS, we can easily imagine him being overwhelmed with busy schedule.

However, V displayed his loyal demeanor by prioritizing a close friend's wedding whilst carrying out world tour schedule all across the globe.
BTS VFans commented, "Taehyung's always effortlessly stunning.", "I'm so jealous of the guests at the wedding.", "He's now a world-class superstar, but just look at his unrelenting loyalty!", and many more.

Meanwhile, BTS is scheduled to join '2018 MGA' on November 6 at Incheon Munhak Stadium.

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