[SBS Star] SM Entertainment to Share a Mysterious Teaser 'SHE IS COMING'


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] SM Entertainment to Share a Mysterious Teaser SHE IS COMING
SM Entertainment dropped a mysterious new teaser and raised the public's curiosity.

On October 31, SM Entertainment posted a short clip on its official YouTube channel.
SM 'SHE IS COMING' TeaserIn the video, a woman with a clown mask stands on a busy street of Seoul, and the only information given from the teaser are 'November 21' and 'She is coming'.
SM 'SHE IS COMING' TeaserThe clown in the video says, "I gained a lot of weight, right? I hated when people recognized me and I wished that no one would know who I was. I think there will be a lot of people who are shocked, because I was also shocked myself."

Then she continues, "I want to take this project to do my best and to show my gratitude and loyalty."
SM 'SHE IS COMING' TeaserWhile the clown is expected to unveil herself on November 21, many assume that a female solo artist will be making her debut from the agency.

(Credit= 'SMTOWN' YouTube)

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