[SBS Star] Lee Jong Suk's New Drama Confirms to Air Its First Episode on November 27


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Lee Jong Suks New Drama Confirms to Air Its First Episode on November 27
The long-waited new drama 'Hymn of Death' starring Korean actor Lee Jong Suk has finally unveiled its airdate.

On November 1, one of the most anticipated SBS dramas 'Hymn of Death' announced that it will air its first episode on November 27.

'Hymn of Death' is a historical drama led by Lee Jong Suk and actress Shin Hae Sun.

It will tell the tragic love story of the genius playwriter 'Kim Woo-jin' (Lee Jong Suk), and his lover 'Yoon Sim-deok' (Shin Hae Sun), the first soprano singer of the Joseon Dynasty.Lee Jong SukPreviously in March when Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hae Sun confirmed to join the drama, many fans became all hyped up.

Not only it meant they were able to check out the chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hae Sun, but it was also because it had been quite a while since they had seen Lee Jong Suk on screen.Lee Jong SukUp until now, the two stars were frequently spotted at the filming site together, making fans curious about the story and even more eager to watch the drama.

Now that fans know they are going to be able to watch the drama within a month, they have been flooding online with comments expressing their excitement ever since the announcement was made. Lee Jong Suk(Lee Narin, Credit= YG Entertainment/SBS funE, 'jongsuk0206' 'shinhs831' Instagram, Online Community)

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