[SBS Star] BTS JIMIN to Receive Death Threat for the Third Time; Agency Responds


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BTS JIMIN to Receive Death Threat for the Third Time; Agency Responds
K-pop boy group BTS' management agency officially announced the agency will take its best action to protect BTS members.BTSOn July 12, BTS' Big Hit Entertainment clarified its position about recent threat against BTS' JIMIN to reassure the worrying fans.

Recently, an anonymous person posted a picture and a note claiming he/she is going to harm JIMIN at BTS' upcoming concert in Los Angeles on September 5.BTSThis is not the first time for JIMIN to receive a death threat.

Before the group's California concert in April 2017 and Fort Worth concert in September 2017, notes forewarning to shoot JIMIN in the middle of the concert were posted each time.

The pattern of posting the schedule of BTS concert and a photo of a gun together was exactly identical.BTSAs this is the third time for JIMIN to receive a death threat from anonymous online posts, BTS' fans are demanding for the proper investigation and prevention.

The agency commented, "We are totally aware of the situation. Regardless of its authenticity, the agency will take any action needed to protect BTS members from any physical threat on their safety."

It added, "Last time, we were fully prepared for the safety. Though there wasn't any incident, we will still watch the situation closely this time and be more thoroughly prepared."

Meanwhile, BTS is currently busy preparing for its upcoming world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF'.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= 'BTS_twt' Twitter, Big Hit Entertainment)

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