[SBS Star] Suzy Shows Strong Support for a Victim of Sexual Harassment


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Suzy Shows Strong Support for a Victim of Sexual Harassment
Korean singer/actress Suzy showed her strong support for a popular Korean YouTuber Yang Ye Won, who recently shared her experience of being sexually harassed by 20 men while working as a model three years ago.

On May 17, Suzy shared a picture of her signing a petition titled, 'Illegal Nude Filming at XXXX, Hapjeong', which is the petition the public had filed for Yang Ye Won after hearing her horrific story.SuzyLater on May 18, Suzy also shared a screenshot of a long text on her social media account.

In the screenshot, Suzy explained the situation of Yang Ye Won in detail and how she wanted more people to know about the YouTuber's story to prevent any future similar incidents from occurring.

Suzy wrote, "It didn't seem like there was much I could do, as this case was still being looked into."

She added, "But I thought signing the petition was something I could do to help the woman. I signed the petition as soon as I saw the comment that said there was a petition for this. I wanted more people to know about it."
SuzySuzyThere were about 11,000 signers in total before Suzy signed the petition, but then the number rapidly increased after Suzy had shown support on her social media account.

With the support of Suzy, the number has exceeded 140,000 in the afternoon of May 18.

If over 200,000 people sign the petition within 30 days, a government official will be giving an official reply regarding the issue within a month.SuzyPreviously in the morning of May 17, Yang Ye Won revealed, "I went into a photo studio for a photo shoot, but then, this 'manager' threatened me to wear exposing underwear. I had no choice but to pose for the photos. When photos were being taken, 20 different men touched all over my body."Yang Ye WonShe said, "I'm still going through a tough time due to that incident, but people around me have continued to encourage me to fight against it. By telling the world about it, I believe this sort of incident would happen less in the future. That is why I decided to openly speak about it."

Currently, the Mapo Police are investigating into Yang Ye Won's case.SuzyEver since Suzy had shown her support for Yang Ye Won, the public has been praising her for taking a step to raise awareness of a big social issue.

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