[SBS Star] 'Cultwo' Jung Chan Woo Announces Hiatus Due to Panic Disorder


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Jung Chan WooFamous TV personality Jung Chan Woo will be taking a temporary break from all activities due to his health issues.
Jung Chan WooOn April 15, Jung Chan Woo's management agency Cultwo Entertainment announced that he has decided to halt all broadcast activities for reasons related to his health.

The agency stated, "Jung Chan Woo has suffered from diabetes and tinnitus for a long time, and he recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and panic disorder."
Jung Chan WooJung Chan Woo will be stepping down from all of his programs, including SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Cultwo Show', SBS' 'Finding Genius' as well as KBS' 'Hello Counselor'.
Jung Chan WooDuring his hiatus, other Cultwo member Kim Tae Kyun will continue to host the programs.

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