[SBS Star] VIDEO: MAMAMOO Wins First Place with Its Comeback!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: MAMAMOO Wins First Place with Its Comeback!
K-pop girl group MAMAMOO had a comeback stage of its title 'Starry Night' and the side track 'Star Wind Flower Sun' at SBS MTV 'The Show' and won first place.

On March 13 episode of SBS MTV 'The Show', MAMAMOO unveiled the two tracks from its sixth mini album 'Yellow Flower' released on March 7.MAMAMOOThe name of the album 'Yellow Flower', created with the combination of the color 'yellow' and 'flower' representing the member Hwa Sa, is one of the albums the group intends to release with distinctive colors of each member.

The title track 'Starry Night' is based on an electro house music and Latin-styled guitar sound, and the song is comprised of various musical elements.MAMAMOOUnlike the bright colors of the costume, the song draws the regretful feelings of a girl after the breakup with her lover.MAMAMOOMAMAMOO also performed the side track 'Star Wind Flower Sun' that highlights the powerful singing skill of the group.

Written by Solar, the leader of MAMAMOO, the song emphasizes the value of people around them by giving a comparison of their close friends to the star, wind, flower, and sun.MAMAMOOThe purple outfit of the members gives a calm feeling, and the sincere message highlights the harmony and friendship of the group.MAMAMOOAlthough it was the day MAMAMOO had a comeback special stage, the group won first place at 'The Show' with the song 'Starry Night'.MAMAMOOImpressed by the unexpected result, the members commented, "We really didn't expect that we would win first place. Thank you so much everyone."MAMAMOOThey continued, "Thank you our fans, staffs, and people around us. We hope you guys have a 'Starry Night' today!".

Check out MAMAMOO's enthralling performances at SBS MTV 'The Show'!

Here's the stage of 'Starry Night'.

And the astonishing song 'Star Wind Flower Sun'.

(Credit= Kim Hyun-chul/SBS funE, SBS MTV The Show) 

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