[SBS Star] The Union of the Beauty: Yoona & Son Ye-jin


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] The Union of the Beauty: Yoona & Son Ye-jin
Yoona from K-pop girl group Girls' Generation and actress Son Ye-jin boasted their astonishing beauty with a photo.

On March 13, Yoona uploaded a photo on her social media account with Son Ye-jin.

With hastags saying, "It's actress Son Ye-jin! People have no doubts to watch her films.", "You should watch the upcoming movie.", and "The film 'Be With You'.", Yoona actively advertised Son Ye-jin's recent film 'Be With You' scheduled to be released on March 14.Yoona & Son Ye-jinFrom the released photo, Yoona and Son Ye-jin were smiling with their gorgeous appearance.

Since they took the photo with a friendly posture, the two seemed to have a close relationship, and the combination of the renowned two garnered attention from the public.

Meanwhile, Yoona was in the JTBC variety show 'Hyori's Home Stay 2' as a part-timer of the program.

She exposed her charms as an ordinary girl besides the ones as a celebrity.

Son Ye-jin was in the film 'Be With You' with actor So Jisub, and the movie premieres today.Film Be With YouFrom the success of the best-selling Japanese novel and the Japanese film of the same title, the movie is getting incessant attention from the public.

(Credit= 'yejinhand' 'yoona__lim' Instagram, LOTTE Entertainment)

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