[SBS Star] DIA CHAEYEON Reveals How Much Alcohol She Can Hold Up


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CHAEYEONK-pop girl group DIA's member CHAEYEON revealed how much alcohol she can drink.

On March 12, CHAEYEON's pictorial and interview with 'bnt' were unveiled.

In the photos, she wore outfits that highlighted her femininity, and managed to professionally expressed different emotions.CHAEYEONAfter the photo shoot, the singer sat down for an interview.

A while talking about her former project group I.O.I, CHAEYEON revealed that she recently went for a few drinks with Yeonjung, who also is a former member of I.O.I.

She said they decided to have some drinks together as Yeonjung no longer is underage as of this year.

Accordingly, CHAEYEON was asked how much alcohol she is able to hold up.

The singer laughed, then answered, "It depends on how I feel on that day, but I think a bottle of Soju(Korean liquor) is just right for me. But I haven't had a drink in a while as I felt like I was gaining some weight."

She continued, "When the bottom of our dorm's refrigerator is empty, I tend to be the one who fill it up with bottles of alcohol."CHAEYEONAt the end of the interview, CHAEYEON sent out a sweet message to her fans.

She said, "I would like to thank all my fans. I hope you will always be happy. I'll do my best at all times. Please keep an eye on me."
CHAEYEONSince February 18, CHAEYEON hosts SBS' music show 'Inkigayo' with actor Song Kang and SEVENTEEN's MINGYU.

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