[SBS Star] Jung Hae In Shows His Outstanding Professionalism During a Photo Shoot


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Jung Hae InKorean actor Jung Hae In showed off his exceptional looks through a magazine pictorial taken with a fashion brand.

On March 8, Jung Hae In's charming photos from a popular magazine 'ARENA' for its March issue were released.Jung Hae InIn the photos, Jung Hae In stands confidently in front of the camera styled with clothes that match the warm spring weather.

He wears shirts of different colors and patterns, and his perfect body ratio has certainly assisted him well in pulling off the classy looks.Jung Hae InJung Hae InEarlier in the end of February, the behind-the-scenes photos from Jung Hae In's magazine pictorial were shared online.

In the pictures, the actor seems very focused on taking the photos, but he does not forget to smile brightly during a break.Jung Hae InJung Hae InJung Hae InOne of the crew at the site noted that Jung Hae In never stopped to monitor his pictures in between the photo shoot, and complimented him on his strong work ethics.Jung Hae InJung Hae InMeanwhile, Jung Hae In's new drama JTBC's 'Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (literal title)' is scheduled to air its first episode on March 30.

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