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[SBS Star] G-DRAGON Undergoes a Surgery for His Ankle


작성 2018.05.18 10:06 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] G-DRAGON Undergoes a Surgery for His Ankle
G-DRAGON from K-pop boy group BIGBANG is hospitalized to get a surgery for his right ankle.

On May 17, one of the news outlets has reported that G-DRAGON, currently serving his mandatory military duty, is staying at a hospital in Seoul for the surgery.

G-DRAGON has received treatment for his right ankle in April, but it is confirmed that he eventually goes through a surgery.G-DRAGONThe news outlet added that G-DRAGON has been in pain from the injury before he was enlisted.

G-DRAGON joined the army in February 2018 but before he was enlisted, he has revealed the pressure coming from the fact that he has to stop holding activities as an artist for a while.G-DRAGONAt the press conference of celebrating BIGBANG's 10th debut anniversary, G-DRAGON, for instance, said, "I really want to keep up activities as an artist, but I need to join the army as a citizen of South Korea."G-DRAGONHe added, "But I want to be the member of BIGBANG after I come back from the army. I don't know what it's going to be like after I serve the duty, but I will get confidence back and stand in front of the public no matter how long it takes."

(Credit= 'BIGBANG' Facebook, ETtoday)

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