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[SBS Star] VIDEO: CL Makes Debut in the Hollywood Film 'Mile 22'


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: CL Makes Debut in the Hollywood Film Mile 22
K-pop artist CL makes debut as an actress in the upcoming Hollywood film.

On May 16, her agency YG Entertainment confirmed that CL is in the upcoming Hollywood film 'Mile 22'.CLThe film 'Mile 22' draws a story of a CIA agent and Indonesian policeman working together to take down an international crime organization.

Directed by Peter Berg, the film stars Mark Washlberg, Lauren Cohan, John Malkovich, Iko Uwais, and many other renowned celebrities. In the film, CL plays the role of a killer named Queen.CLCLPreviously, CL has been in the film 'Girlfriends' (2009) with the members of her former group 2NE1, yet it is the first time for her to make an official debut as an actress.

CL finished filming 'Mile 22' by January this year, and she has actively advertised the movie by uploading various photos of the filming site on her social media account.CLCLThe movie is scheduled to be premiered in August, and the public is excited to see her change as an actress in the worldwide thriller movie.CLCheck out the trailer below!

(Credit= 'chaelincl' Instagram, 'STX Entertainment' YouTube)

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