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[SBS Star] Lee Jong-suk and Suzy's Romantic Poster is Unveiled!


작성 2017.09.12 17:09 조회수
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Korean actor Lee Jong-suk and actress Bae Suzy's romantic poster is unveiled.

On September 12, upcoming SBS drama 'While You Were Sleeping' production team released its main poster.
[SBS Star]Lee Jong-suk and Suzy's Romantic Poster is Unveiled!In the poster, Lee Jong-suk and Suzy were hugging each other at night while cherry blossom petals are fluttering in the air. The caption 'I saw you in my dream' heightened the romantic atmosphere.

A source revealed that the pair shoot for poster in last April at a park in Seoul. 'While You Were Sleeping' team said, "Viewers should find out why they are hugging and what it means by watching our drama. We hope you like our drama."

Meanwhile, SBS 'While You Were Sleeping' is set to be on air following 'Into the World Again'.

(Credit = SBS funE, 'While You Were Sleeping' Official Website)

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